#WORLDBOOKDAY | #Rhyme for sharing with our under fives+ | Rhyme 1. My Bright, Shiny Penny

Help children to learn to recite the rhyme and add actions and/or props | Who’s best at hiding the bright, shiny penny? | Maybe have one spy or maybe have many? | Who can be secretive? | Who can act? | Rhymes help with all learning | That is a fact (see blog for Rhyme 1 - words) #parenting #rhyme #rhythm #learn #languagedevelopment #preschool #nursery #eyfs #worldbookday

It Takes Two | Baby Talk | The ‘to and fro’ of #earlylanguagedevelopment | A Sue Atkins, Parentverse podcast

In this short audiogram taken from | Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert, podcast | In conversation with the author of Wizzy's Words | The importance of baby talk is highlighted| For the full podcast | As featured in the Parentverse Series | And to see how rhymes build on baby talk to promote language development| Follow the link| https://sueatkinsparentingcoach.com/parentverse-expert-interviews/jacqueline-alexander/

Wizzy’s Words | The Long and the Short of it! Full interview, video transcript for Parentverse, Podcast with parenting expert, Sue Atkins

I am delighted to say that Wizzy’s Words, book of modern nursery rhymes, as featured in Sue Atkins Book Club, will also be a featured Podcast on the her Parentverse Series next week. For those wishing of you, wishing to hear the full interview transcript, which is accompanied with video clips of sample pages from the book, I have provided it here. (The approximate running time is 16 minutes) Sue’s wonderful support for parents and their toddlers, means that being featured in The Sue Atkins Book Club and on Parentverse, is an ideal way for parents to find out more about Wizzy’s Words. A resource for building parents’ confidence and helping them to support their children’s early language and all-round development. Adopting a Hear it! Say it! Sing it! Move it! approach to the learning of rhymes, means that parents and child providers will deliver the benefits of rhyme to young children. In turn the children will enjoy the benefits of learning to love learning. #speaking #listening #rhyme #rhythm #nurseryrhymes #parenthood #childcareproviders #eyfs #sen #inclusive #languagedevelopment #childdevelopment #THESueAtkinsBookClub

Wizzy's Words| Rhyme Samples| Audiogram 2| Early Language Learning| #rhyme #rhythm #earlyyears #ELGS

Audiogram 2 - sample rhymes from the audiobook (unabridged from the paperback book - so to aid word learning the word sets for each rhyme are narrated too). | See also video titled - THE Nursery Rhymes for the 21st Century - this follows the order of audiogram 2 to show how rhyme, rhythm and movement can be used in promoting early language development. | Oral #languagelearninginearlychildhood is vital for learning to read. | The rhymes are narrated initially so that clear spoken language is delivered. The rhymes should then be adapted to be sung and actions should be added. Adding rhythm to rhyme has been shown to promote early brain and language development. | Wizzy's Words, modern #nurseryrhymes for the 21st century, provides a much needed #earlylanguage resource for parents & educators. The focus is on early #listening & #speaking the key to #readingskills #reading #lifelonglearning

THE Nursery Rhymes for the 21st Century

This video shows how Wizzy's Words, containing the key oral vocabulary for life-long learning, can be used to link: Rhyme, rhythm and movement for early language learning. See Audiogram 2, to see how rhyme, rhythm and movement can be used to promote early language development.