Questions and Answers – Set 2

Nov. 14, 2021

Since the publication of Wizzy’s Words there have been further follow up questions from parents, grandparents, carers and educators, with respect to its use and content. I address these questions here and hope that you find this helpful. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer individually or add here for the benefit of all, use the contact button and I will respond as soon as I can. (Just click within the heading to go to the questions and answers section) Jacqueline

  1. Are there any plans to produce a signed format of Wizzy’s Words for children with impaired hearing?

    The project to research and develop Wizzy’s Words has taken many years. Although there are no immediate plans to create a signed format, this is certainly an area that should be considered for development in the future.
  2. The audiobook is narrated are there any plans to produce an audiobook with singing and music?

    Wizzy’s Words has been developed to help to fill a gap that exists between children’s oral language development, specifically school entry oral vocabulary. When developing the audiobook for Wizzy’s Words, I observed adults and children singing the rhymes and saying or chanting the rhymes. I, like most early years teachers, love to dance and sing. However, it became clear that to ensure that the key oral vocabulary being presented was clearly articulated, that it would be necessary to create a narrated version of the printed book. Therefore, a professional actor was chosen to narrate Wizzy's Words. For this reason, at present there are no plans to develop an audiobook with singing and musical accompaniment. This does not preclude adults from adding their own actions, voices, props etc. to enliven the presentation of the rhymes to their children.
  3. Can you tell me how Wizzy’s Words relates to phonics?

    Phonics is one way for teaching reading and writing. It allows children to hear, identify and use the sounds that make up the words in the English Language. Oral language development necessarily underpins phonics and reading and writing development. The focus of Wizzy’s Words is oral vocabulary development. This reading readiness is the key to later phonics and reading and writing work. The child that has acquired the oral vocabulary contained in Wizzy's Words will be ready to use the book as a phonics and reading and writing resource.