#WORLDBOOKDAY | Words for Rhyme 1 | My Bright, Shiny Penny

March 01, 2022
#WORLDBOOKDAY | Words for Rhyme 1 |  My Bright, Shiny Penny

World Book Day Rhyme 1. My Bright, Shiny Penny (see videos for accompanying video)

Help children to learn to recite the #rhyme and add actions and/or props


Who’s best at hiding the bright, shiny penny?

Maybe have one spy or maybe have many?

Who can be secretive?

Who can act?

Rhymes help with all learning

That is a fact


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How to use nursery #rhymes for #earlylearning - quick guide for parents and early years practitioners

February 24, 2022
How to use nursery #rhymes for #earlylearning - quick guide for parents and early years practitioners

(The rhyme used for illustration is from Wizzy’s Words book of modern nursery rhymes - the ideas/tips can be applied to all  children's picture books)

How to use nursery rhymes for early learning


At first sight it would seem that the value of nursery rhymes in early language development is clear.  Research has shown that the reciting of nursery rhymes enhances learning in all domains of development.  However, despite this knowledge and despite rhyme being included in planning in the early years, this has not …

How To Share Books with Your Children: #Dialogic #Reading

January 29, 2022

How To Share Books with Your Children: Dialogic Reading


As a parent it is easy to assume that we know all there is to know about chatting, reading and sharing a book with our children.  Having taught and studied child development for many years, I realised that for many of us, in a busy world, we really do need a little support.  This is to ensure that we don’t overlook the importance of supporting our children’s language development from birth onwards.  I have written …


January 22, 2022

Learning to read:



The role of phonics in reading and education has been highlighted in the press this week.  At a time when children are finally hoping to settle back into their learning after the pandemic, the reports have important implications for teachers, children and parents.  In 2006 Jim Rose, a former HMI director of inspection at Ofsted published a report the ‘Independent review of the teaching of early reading’.  The report …

Wizzy's Words - LOVE WORDS - #Giveaway 2022

January 21, 2022


Wizzy's Words - LOVE WORDS - Giveaway

21st January to 21st February 2022   #giveaway #free #language


Please share this info

Far and wide

And help our children

To be word wise


For your chance to win a signed copy of Wizzy’s Words or one of five 28-day codes for an eBook - Head to: …

A Relationship: Ability Grouping, Behaviour, Early Language

December 10, 2021


An Education correspondent for the Guardian recently reported on the relationship between ability streaming and behaviour.  The headline read, ‘Children harmed by school streaming into lower ability groups, UK study shows’ (Weale, 26 November, 2021).  The article focuses on a recent study by University College London (UCL) that indicates a relationship between children being assigned to lower ability groups and their ongoing behaviour and emotional development.  This is important as a number of children continue to leave school without age-appropriate levels of attainment.  These findings will be important for all …